Y Story of the Week

“I was leaving and not coming back,” said Greg after four weeks of faithful visits to the Y.

Greg is one of two people to successfully complete the PEIA Weight Management Program offered at the Y. He began his journey in March of 2013.  He heard about the program through a simple radio ad.  Claiming he was never successful with committing to a diet or exercise regimen, Greg said there was unnamedno reason to say no to this program.  There is a trainer to push you, a dietitian to guide you in nutrition and a place, the Y.  “Everything fell into place,” he said.

In reference to the opening line of this article, Greg said he was into the program four weeks and the scales and measurements weren’t changing.  “I wasn’t missing a day”, he said.  “I always hurt.”  His trainer, Whitney Hickman Lambert, hounded him for two weeks, before he would agree to meet one more time.  He started over and never looked back.  He went from 228 lbs to 184 lbs.  Keeping it new and fresh is the key to not being bored with the routine.  After a year he said he could finally see everything kicking in.  It doesn’t leave overnight.

When asked what he would tell other PEIA insurance participants, Greg said, “Why not to use it.  You’re given every tool in the shed.”  As for participating at the Y, Greg said he loves the people he works out with.  “It’s a feel good atmosphere at the Y”, he said.  The members help each other out.  “There is unity at the Y.”

Having graduated from the program in March of 2015, Greg has been successful in maintaining.  He challenges himself in his workout routines and caloric intake.  He said he sets his caloric intake for the day and then sets his mind to burn a certain amount of it.

The team of the program – Trainer, Dietician, and the Y – helped Greg succeed in his weight loss journey.  “If I can do what I have done,” said Greg, “there isn’t a person in this world that couldn’t do it.”