Y Sports


Spring/Summer Harrison County YMCA Program Brochure (PDF)


Youth Basketball League (YBL)

Basketball started at the Y and our YBL program is a great start for children to learn teamwork and skills. Watch for registration information in the Fall of 2017!


En garde!  Participants receive the benefits of sharpening mental discipline and engaging in physical activity, while learning about a sport with centuries of history and tradition.  The course covers safety and conditioning, as well as fundamental techniques, footwork, strategy and rules.  Participants must provide own equipment – rental equipment is available at the Y for an additional fee. This class is not included in our complimentary cardio classes.

Ages 10 and up

Fees:  $40 per participant per session


All levels of Chi-Do-Kwan Freestyle Karate are taught at the Y.  The Introductory students learn the basic stances, blocks, and kicks used in the ancient art form.  The class helps develop concentration, coordination, and agility, as well as building a greater self-confidence.  The Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Class continues skill development while learning basic Kata, Free Sparring, and Self Defense techniques.

Introductory Class

YMCA Members:  $30      Non-Members:  $40

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Class

Ages 9 & up

YMCA Members:  $30      Non-Members:  $40

Preschool Sports

Watch for this program in the Fall!