Lifeguard Certification

Any time of the year – whether swimming, boating, or going to a water park – everyone should know the basics of water safety. The Harrison County YMCA, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, offers courses for lifeguard certification. The best part about taking a YMCA course is that while you are learning, you are also helping the YMCA’s mission to provide compassionate care to those in need.

You must be 15 by the time the class ends to enroll in lifeguarding certification.

What certifications do the courses include?

Certifications include Lifeguard, AED, CPR and First Aid certifications.

What does the prerequisite test involve?

The prerequisite test for enrollment into Lifeguarding Class consists a successful completion of:

  • 12 laps of the pool, freestyle or breaststroke
  • 2 minutes treading water
  • Swimming from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool, picking up a 10 pound weight, carrying that weight with both hands, while kicking, back to the shallow end of the pool, putting the weight on the side of the pool, and exiting the water in 1 minute and 45 seconds or less.

What is your pricing?

For first-time certifications, the fee for the Lifeguard Course $265. Certifications are valid for two years. Re-certifications are $165.

How long are your courses?

This varies greatly depending on the availability of the course instructor. Some of the courses are “custom” and will work around your schedule; some are during the week and some are only on weekends. Regardless of how busy you are, however, we almost always have something that will fit into your schedule. Call the Y and ask to speak to the Aquatics Director for more information on course days and times.

Are you hiring for lifeguards after we’re certified?

We always accept employment applications for lifeguards.  For more details, please contact the Aquatics Director.

Call the front desk for more information on classes.