Come Join the Y’s New Year Challenge!


We have an exciting new opportunity here at the Harrison County YMCA to help welcome the New Year!

It’s time to burn off those holiday treats and rev up for the new year. Make 2017 the year that you focus on you and the health of your mind, body, and spirit! This can be your year if you want it to be – all you have to do is get going, and the Y can offer you that boost.

Join our New Year Challenge!

Our new year challenge has been designed by one of our educated, trained fitness specialists and is built to encourage new and healthy habits for the new year!

How to Play

Members must burn at least three “treats”, also known as calories, per week to have their name put into a drawing at the end of every two weeks.

  • Register at the front desk or with Alex or Bill in the fitness center
  • Challenge runs Dec 26th to Feb 3rd

Keep track of treats burned by filling out a form that you acquired when you started the challenge. Have your workouts initialed by Alex or Bill when completed. To know how many treats the member burns off, they must check the chart located in the Wellness Center, which provides information for different workouts.

Tracker sheets will be checked on January 6th, January 20th, and February 3rd. These three dates also represent drawing dates! When you join the Y’s challenge, you’re entered to win a prize from either Texas Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-A, or or Dawn’s Therapeutic Massage.

Get a boost, a prize, and get fit all in the same breath – come join our challenge today! In addition, if you join now through January 15th, your joiner fee will be waived! 

Invite friends & family to join you in this challenge so that you can all reap the benefits of your hard work.