What are YOU Thankful For?


Hello, Members! We’d love to hear what you’re thankful for. Leave a comment below (or on the Facebook page) with a photo or a comment about what you’re thankful for. We want to hear from you! We’ll share a couple of the stories we receive to spread the gratitude 🙂

We know here at the Y that sometimes it feels like there isn’t a lot to be grateful for. Between rough life events and the busy feeling that the holiday season can create, we know how hard it can be to stop, think, and wonder what is great in your life. Here’s your opportunity! Take a breath and think about what is important to you, and why you wrap all those presents, baste all those turkeys, and bake all of those pumpkin pies. We’ll start: we’re grateful for you! We’re a non-profit here at the Harrison County YMCA in Clarksburg and depend on your memberships and support to remain an asset in your community. We appreciate all of your devotion.

As a reminder, we are open the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, but closed on Thanksgiving. Our hours will not change the day before or the day after and are located on Google, Facebook, and the bottom of the website on the left hand side.

So what do you have to show gratitude for this time of year, Members? Let’s hear it!

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